In September 2006 we were privileged to welcome 5 pupils from Starehe Girls’ School, Jane, Anne,
Vivian, Naom and Zainab, along with their teachers Jane and Franklin. The girls delighted
audiences at ‘Martyn’s Music 3’ with their colourful singing and dancing, peforming tribal
songs from around Kenya. But what did they think of us?! Here are some of their thoughts:

JANE writes ‘I could hardly believe I was going to fly to the UK until I arrived at the airport. The flight was scary especially the landing. London was a very beautiful and glamorous city. The destination was Macclesfield… and while there, we were to live in different families and truth be told my family was just the bomb! They were a young couple who had an adorable 8 month baby boy, a fluffy cat and a three legged dog. GirlsThey had a whole library of videos and all sorts of books. They kept feeding us and I am sure I must have added some pounds! We went to the biggest mall in the UK and actually had to use a map… it was just fantastic! The climax was the trip to the underground caves. It was freezing cold -we went up a hill and saw the King Solomon Tower.It was so windy up the hill that when I spread my arms I actually felt like I was floating.’

VIVIAN writes ‘My trip to the UK was an undreamable dream that came true. I had never stepped into an airport… this was the happiest moment in my life. I thought I was dreaming and inwardly I was overjoyed. Time came for us to board the plane and truly I went numb! At Heathrow I was caught by another surprise… it was so big compared to Jomo Kenyatta Airport. The journey to Macclesfield was very enjoyable, the roads were well managed – there were no potholes and the view of the landscape was quite admirable. In Macclesfield the place I liked most was the Mayor’s chamber. It was beautifully arranged with a lot of statues. I’m really grateful to the family I was staying with because they made me feel at home. They took me as one of their grandchildren and treated me with a lot of care and love. They were really hospitable and I do appreciate. I did enjoy the concert at the Church. It was full of life and fun. The performances were superb. Truly speaking I never wanted the concert to come to an end. Thanks to MDMT for making my dream come true.’

ANNA writes ‘The trip to the UK was a good God-given privilege. The most encouraging part was that I participated in a fund raising concert for our school. The people were very welcoming, understanding and social. I enjoyed my stay there and thanks a lot to my hosts. The concert was the most exciting moment. Listening to music is one of my best hobbies. Here I heard it all both vocal and instrumental. The hall was packed to capacity beyond my imagination. It reached a time that I even wished that our days spent there was a concert each day! This made me believe that music was really born in us and it will live forever. We had a heavy escort to the railway station for our return journey where we parted with our hosts. It was such a moving moment and exciting also because East or West home is best! We were warmly welcomed home by everyone.’

NAOM writes ‘It was a great privilege for me to travel to the UK in Sept 2006. I learnt so much starting from the departure to the arrival back in Kenya. I enjoyed my first time to travel by air very much. I was entertained – watching movies and listening to music. I enjoyed the meals too! The people in the UK I found very loving and caring. What amazed me most was that when I lost a suitcase in the flight, it was like I never lost it because my hosts made sure I never missed basic personal items. The hosting family took us as part of their family. We enjoyed meals and talking together and the drives around Macclesfield and the surrounding areas. The place is so green and clean. The land looks too beautiful to be imagined. There were well kept flowers around houses and the roads were smooth and the transport system so efficient. I wondered why there weren’t traffic police all along the roads as in Kenya. The road users simply followed traffic lights and signs. I enjoyed seeing people sing in the concert – on the journey back I had the chance to travel by a power train! My sincere gratitude go to the MDMT for inviting us and taking care of all our travelling needs, my music teacher, my a school, my parents for allowing me to go, and I thank the hosting families for the care they gave us.’

ZAINAB writes ‘My trip to the UK was my first time to use the aeroplane as a means of transport. It was an unforgettable experience. In London I alighted at the biggest airport I had ever seen. We had a beautiful view while taking the adventurous trip from the airport to Macclesfield. I stayed with a loving and caring family. I had a lot of fun with them. The environment of Macclesfield was well kept, the roads were beautiful and the people kind. I adore that place because of the good nature of the people. The food was a little different to ours. It was delicious and it made me get to wonder how people got to be on diets! I was able to perform in front of many people. I have never had such a welcoming and cheering audience in my life. Every trip I made to the shopping mall, the Mayor’s chamber, the Poole’s Cave, All Hallows High School, the Queen’s Palace in London were marvellous. All the moments were precious to me and I will never forget. The caring family I was with always have a place in my heart and the people who made it possible for me to go there. I have not enough words to thank them.’

(These are edited extracts as there is not enough room to print all the letters in full.)
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